Vision is one of the means to maintain contact with this world. In other words, eyes also indicated many other physical issues. Hence, it is important to take care of your eye health. An ophthalmologist initially, checks up on your problem and suggests a prescription glass and some eye drops after detecting your eye problem. Sometimes he can refer you to a retina specialist.

A retina specialist is a doctor who is completing an additional one or two years degree in retinal issues, surgery, and the vitreous organs of the eyes after completing optometry. If you feel any complications with your vision, consult immediately a retina doctor in Siliguri. A retina specialist can treat a vast range of retinal issues including other complex eye diseases viz.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

Above the age of 50 age-related macular degeneration may be the reason for your vision loss. As a result of AMD macula of the eye is weak. The macula is responsible for clear vision.

There are two types of AMD that occur, dry AMD is common and wet AMD is uncommon and an utmost problem of the eye. Over a few decades, retina specialists are fighting against AMD vision loss issues.

Diabetic retinopathy

In recent times diabetic retinopathy is the main concern of vision. A person who is affecting type 1 and 2 diabetes may suffer from this issue. Diabetic patients are required to be a daily eye check-up to prevent the issue at its early stage.

Blood vessels in the retina are swelling due to excessive blood sugar levels, bursting, or sometimes creating an obstacle to blood circulation in the eye side. As a result, some unwanted blood vessels are created here. Retina doctors are using some advanced treatment procedures to recover your vision.

Penetrating ocular trauma

Any major eye injury which creeps into an eye, because of high velocity or is injured by any sharp object is a result of penetrating ocular trauma. In this circumstance, a retina specialist advised surgery to prevent vision loss.

Retinal detachment

As a result of retinal detachment retina is getting detached from the back portion of the eye. The ignorance of retinal detachment can lead you to blindness. While the vitreous is continuously pulled out you can face blurred vision.

Retina specialists are using laser therapy or cooling treatment to heal the problem. Sometimes they are depending on surgery to cure retinal detachment completely. These all eye diseases can be cured under proper treatment.

If you face blurred vision, have several headaches, view cobweb’s frequently, have night vision problems, light sensitivity, dry eye problems, wet eye issues, or severe itching in any of your eyes, center viewing disability is any eye uncomforted you can contact a retina doctor in Kolkata early.

Their vast experience, patient-caring nature, and advanced surgical technologies will help you to get rid of this issue. You can recover your almost-lost vision through them. A retina specialist supports you the best.