The one word that is enough to recognize Greece, is ATHEN. It’s situated at the southern end of Europe and is replete with history. The country is alive with the hospitality of its people. It's a great place to travel if you free yourself to be fascinated by amazing food,  Mediterranean climate, stunning beaches, and most importantly have a limited budget. 

Let’s explore the six incredible reasons to travel to Greece, and set ourselves on autopilot for wandering in the streets in order to experience its culture. 

1. The Dazzling Beaches

There are a lot of beaches in Greece from Lefkada, Rhodes, Karpathos, Los and a lot more. Agios Georgios Beach in Naxos and Agios Nikitas in Lefkada are the best beaches if you’re with your family and kids. You can enjoy several outdoor activities there. They are the best places to play beach volleyball with friends and family. 

On the other hand, they are equally ideal for reflecting by sitting on the sand drenched with water and looking at the sky where the horizon appears to meet with the sea. Looking at the drowning sun with the dim light has birds flying before it, will definitely leave you speechless. 

2. The Outstanding History

The several ruins in Greece are concrete evidence of its rich travel ads history. The region was there for a long before 3.3 million years ago. The whole sections of history exist by the name of Paleolithic Greece, Mesolithic Greece, Neolithic Greece, Byzantine Greece, and Modern Greece. 

The traces of all eras are present in the museum and the erected architectures like The Acropolis of Athens are waiting for the tourists to visit and being praised. 

3. Easily Accessible Cups of Coffee 

If you are convinced by the fact that coffee is right for your health, don’t miss Greece to visit in order to taste a delightful cup of coffee with friends and family. Greece has a culture of coffee, as their hospitality starts with this drink. Every Greek day's first activity is having a  hot dark coffee that has a sensational aroma to attract anyone to taste it.   

4. The Delicious Food

Don’t forget to enjoy Greek cuisine, bream, keftedes, Soutzoukakia, and Tzatziki. These are a few of the mount watering dishes in Greece. Greek traditional food will never let you go unsurprised by the delicious taste and endless variety. You can have dishes cooked in olive oil from grilled meat to fresh fish. 

5. Legendary Mediterranean Climate 

Greek has 160,000 long coastlines with the deep blue Mediterranean sea. This is the sea that connects the middle east with Europe. You can sit on the cruise and wave at the Mediterranean. It could take you to the coastline of 23 counties. The mighty rock on the bank of the Mediterranean is ideal for hiking. Most importantly, you can visit here all around the year because the Mediterranean is the warmest sea with a lot of shipping routes. 

6. A Cost-Effective Destination to Travel  

The travel insider hot chili food and travel blog do not take a lot of costs to introduce you to Greece. Traditional food like tavernas and kafeneia are available at reasonable prices. Visiting Greece will never cost you a fortune like happening in the other part of Europe. You will be astonished to get accommodation in luxurious hotels at competitive prices. 


If you’re planning to visit any European country and have a lower budget, Greece is the right place for you. You can experience a rich culture with delicious foods and all the traces of history. Greece has one of the longest coastlines with the Mediterranean sea that means you will get pristine beaches and plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities.