For those who love to travel, Alaska is the best place to visit. The state is enriched with beauty and also named as The Last Frontier. There are many wonderful parks and an amazing wildlife. Alaska is a full package for eyes, as there are splendid glaciers and delightful seaside town. While planning a trip there, keep that in mind that you’ll be rewarded with natural beauty. This state also offers a lot of outdoor activities for your enjoyment, such as fishing, hiking, paddling, kayaking, bear watching and whale spotting etc.

Alaska is not for dead and dry hearted people. Alaska itself demands admiration and praises. Unique culture of native American is also a great attraction for tourists. Cities and towns of this state also have this ability of not getting you bored.

This state of America is so big, so there are so many places to visit in a short pe

riod of time. For your comfort and ease, we make a list of some most favorite travel places for you in Alaska to visit in this season.

1. Anchorage

Anchorage is most populated city of Alaska. To start your trip this is the first city to visit, as there are wide range of hotels for tourists. You can learn a lot about the history and culture from Anchorage Museum of History and Art.

This city is full of adventures. Chugach State Park is widely spread on nearly half million acres, where you can easily visit. It is a dream land for adventure lovers. Mountains, landscapes, museums, great parks, and natural scenery is all over the city.

2. Denali National Park

The third largest National Park of United States is Denali National Park. The highest mountain of North America is also there. Mount McKinley is another name of Denali. This National park is on six million acres, which includes savage river, glaciers, and mountains etc.

There are so many animals lived happily and freely in Denali park like reindeer, Dall sheep, wolves, moose and bear etc. this park is also a home for many species of birds. Denali sled dog kennels is also the most admirable thing for tourists, many huskies are also existed for our treat. For your convenient there are tourists bus tour, which narrates the history of Denali in a wonderful way.

3. Juneau

Juneau is the capital city of Alaska. Cruise ships at the port allows peoples to move around the town. If you want to see the mother nature, this is a great city to visit.

Chilkoot Trail and Tongass Hiking Trails are the two famous trails which leads to mountains through dense forests. It is the easy trails for hike lovers. To get a fascinating view of Juneau, you must not miss to climb up to the Mount Robert’s Tram.

4. Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall glacier is located near the capital city of Alaska, Juneau therefore it is also known as Glacier outside the city. A small lake is there which is touched by the Mendenhall glacier and separating into two. You can either ride in a chopper or in a shuttle ride to see closely the fascinating beauty. There are a lot of picture points there.

While exploring this land you come across with beavers, porcupines, and black bears. For the enjoyment, you can raft around the bergs. 

5. Seward

Never miss Seward while your trip to Alaska. Alaska Sea Life Center is a must visit place, where marine mammals are rescue and facilitate. In July, they organize annual Mount marathon race, where many racers around the world took part.For picnic there are Seward’s Waterfront Park which has an amazing harbor view and beaches.

6. Homer

Homer is known for doing fishing, while appreciating the nature. There are many restaurants from where you can get variety of foods. Beach area is great for walking and taking photos. In Kachemak Bay State Park, you can find many wildlife such as humback whales, mountain goats, sea lions, black bears, and bald eagles.

7. Alaska Native Heritage Center

If you are curious about cultures and heritage, native Heritage Center in Alaska is the best place to visit. This center gives you an opportunity to experience live music and art. Also you can interact with people of 11 major different groups, and learn about their values and cultures.

There are opportunities for locals to presents their art and handmade products. We can also see the live performance of Native dancing and storytelling. Alaska native is not behind close glass cupboards but presents you live.