Action video game Among Us was created and released by American game studio Innersloth. It was released on 15 june 2018. In 2022, it had 500M+ downloads, 11M reviews, and 3.9 reviews. The most recent update was made on 15 December 2022.

Among us mod apk is an online multiplayer adventure game. The spaceship's crew is preparing to depart the planet on an alien base. The crew had to either perform all the duties to start the ship or identify the impostor and vote to expel him when an impostor who intended to kill everyone joined them throughout the procedure. And you'll take on the role of one of a crew of 4 to 15 as you embark on a journey to solve the puzzle and catch the impostor.

Features of Among Us Mod Apk

Play online

The application gives users the option to play this game online so they can compete against players from around the globe without encountering any difficulties.


Users of the application can play with multiple players at once, giving them the opportunity to play with many of their friends. The software enables ongoing gaming between 4 and 15 players.

Customize your character

Before starting the game, players can easily customize their characters by changing their color, hat, costume, and pet in the lounge. Everything is vibrant and vivid, and gamers may even get the chance to obtain unique outfits from international celebrations you can get apk from apkmodyolo.

Diverse maps and features

Since each map in Among Us features unique interactions, such as tasks and sabotage, the variety of the maps represents a substantial variation in the gameplay. All of the maps, however, share a crewmate tracking and identifying mechanism. Individuals can utilize these characteristics to distinguish between friends and enemies or to spot any irregularities.

Eliminate Everything As An Imposter

Imposters, in contrast to Crewmates, have a distinct role and a clear objective, such as obliterating the map or killing every Crewmate before being ejected from the airlock. Impostors cannot perform tasks. Thus Crewmates can just be suspicious of them and report them without any visible consequences. The vast vent system, on the other hand, allows impostors to move through the map more swiftly.

Kill the crew members

The application gives the user the option to kill the other members of the crew without injuring the impostor who is present. By specifically locating each crew member and pressing the kill button, the player must eliminate all of them.

plan strategically

The game necessitates strategy. The game's trickster uses various techniques to distract players from the invader by keeping them interested in the game.


One of the game's most alluring aspects is its graphics. The game lacks the high-definition graphics found in today's games. However, the graphics offered by this game are sufficient and consistent with its concept.

Endless emergency meetings

In Among Us, there aren't many distinct emergency meetings available. However, with this Among Us Mod Apk, the range of your emergency meetings is virtually endless.

Every skin is unlocked

This is among the causes why people search for Among Us MOD APK. You can dress up your character with a range of skins and accessories, including clothing and jewelry, when you play the game.

All pets unlocked

Small animals, known as pets, will follow the player about the spacecraft. All pets in this version are unlocked, allowing you to select one for your character.

Unlocked hats

There is various headgear available for gamers to use to decorate their characters. While most of the headwear in Among Us is free, some let you customize your character.