As you may know, the process of sending money from your U.S. bank account to another bank account is called wire-transfer or ACH transfer. However, there are also other ways that you can send money from one person's account to another person's account, including virtual accounts (VAs).

Send money with an e-gift card

You can send money with a virtual account to anyone in the United States, and even outside of the country. This is great for sending gifts to friends and family members on their birthdays or holidays, or as a surprise gift for someone who has just bought something online (like e-gift cards). You can also use this feature if you're sending money directly to someone's bank account via ACH transfer.

If you want to send an e-gift card, simply log into your virtual account on any device and select "Send Money." From there, choose how much money you want to send and where it should go—you'll be prompted for some additional information such as name/email address so that they know who sent them their gift!

Send money using your virtual account via your personal bank account

If you would like to send money using your virtual account, you will need to have a personal bank account. You can use this bank account as the recipient of any funds that are sent through your virtual account. The steps for learning about what is a virtual visa card are simple:

  • You'll need to create an Online Banking ID. This is where all of your personal information and details about what type of services or products offered by the banks will be stored securely so that no one else can access them (including hackers).
  • Once you've created your Online Banking ID, go ahead and log into it with whichever device is most convenient for accessing apps on mobile phones or tablets—or even computers if they're more convenient for using online banking apps! Then head over here: https://www3.usaenetworkbank/onlinebanking/#!/Home/Login

Send money using a credit card or debit card

Your own credit card or debit card will work with the virtual account, so you don't need to use another person's information.

You can send money from your virtual account to anyone with a virtual account by clicking "Send Money" on their profile page and entering the amount of money you want them to receive.

Send money from your debit card to your virtual account

You can send money from your debit card to your virtual account.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Sign into the app or go online. If you have a virtual account set up, there will be an option on the main screen that lets you send funds directly from your debit card. Otherwise, click "Send Money" at the top of any page and select "Directly."
  • Choose how much money to send and where it should go—in this case, it's going straight into my PayPal account (which is linked). If I don't want any more transactions and just want to cancel one that's already in progress, I would click “Cancel Transaction” instead of “Continue Sending Funds” in Step 3 above when prompted by our service provider's automated system after completing each transaction successfully!

You can send money from your debit card to your virtual account.

You can also send money from a bank account or debit card to a virtual account.

  • A bank account is an electronic way of storing money that's linked to a person's name and address, so it's safer than keeping cash in the real world (and there are no fees).
  • A debit card is another type of payment method that stores information about each transaction on the card itself—the more recent transactions will appear on subsequent purchases, while older ones won't show up until they've been processed by another company (like Amazon).


It’s important to remember that virtual accounts are not for sending money in. You should only use them to pay your bills or transfer funds from one account to another. And if you want to send someone a virtual card, then it’s best not to do so in real life; there are very few situations where this is acceptable and we recommend that you avoid them completely!