According to studies, the past ten years have been 6.5°F warmer than the years before. In many places, air conditioners have taken the place of air coolers as a way to combat the summer heat. However, a huge number of people continue to pursue the evaporative cooling device without any problems. Undoubtedly, an air cooler operates more effectively in hot, dry climates. Of course, employing air cooler has several benefits as well. In addition to lowering electricity costs, air conditioners have other environmental benefits that are difficult to ignore. Here are several arguments supporting the benefits of air coolers.

Environmental friendly

If you adhere to the idea of "Go Green," air coolers are unquestionably the ideal way to obtain cold air. As everyone is aware, air conditioners use environmentally damaging CFCs as their refrigerant. Air coolers are preferable because their evaporative cooling system is entirely natural and they use plain water as the refrigerant. In addition, air coolers use between 80 and 90 percent less electricity than air conditioners. So in a manner, they are also contributing to energy conservation.

Lowest operating and capital costs

Air conditioners are significantly more expensive than air coolers in terms of both capital and operating costs. Air coolers have far lower capital and operating costs. Air coolers have an advantage over air conditioners in terms of both product and installation costs because their entire price is much lower than that of an air conditioner. In addition to the initial investment, air coolers require 80% less operating expense than air conditioners. A 1.5-ton air conditioner would use between 1.2 and 1.5 units of energy in an hour, but an air cooler would use between 0.2 and 0.3 units.

Low maintenance 

Because of their straightforward construction, air coolers are simple to maintain. In an air cooler, the water pump and the fan motor are often the two key components that could break down and need to be replaced. These two parts are both readily available and exchangeable. Both of these components are inexpensive and simple to fix and maintain on your own. In addition to these components, you may occasionally need to replace the cooling pads, which are also readily available and exchangeable. As a result, air coolers require less maintenance, and it only takes a short time to do it.