Fly agaric can grow anywhere you see moss or wood shavings. Some people use mushroom compost and manure to create a habitat for them. As long as you put these things into your garden, you will probably see some fly agarics.

If you find fly agarics growing on your property, you may be interested in planting them in your own garden. You will need a mushroom kit to grow them. Mushrooms can be very easy to grow. The mushroom kits you can buy in stores are usually inexpensive, which makes them great for kids. It's a good idea buy fly agaric to keep a close eye on the mushrooms so that you don't lose them.

There are a few things you can do to make sure you don't lose your mushrooms. You can make sure you pick the mushrooms when they are young. That way they will grow much larger than if you wait until they are older. You should also store the mushrooms in a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Make sure that you keep them in a place that is warm and dry.

When you plant your mushrooms, you should spread the mushroom caps in a circle. You will need to cover your plant with about three inches of mulch. The mushrooms will look like a circular clump of soil.