Most companies are very busy and they don't have much time to create parts. This can cause problems in some cases. Many companies have the need to make some parts in short period of time. To meet this requirement, many companies invest money and time into making molds for their parts. The cost of using an investment mold is expensive.

Therefore, some companies prefer using aluminum dies to produce their parts. Some companies are unable to use aluminum for their production because of some reasons. If you are a company that is unable to use aluminum because of its cost, you can try using sand cast aluminum. This technique allows you to make very Aluminium die casting manufacturers small, intricate parts quickly at low cost.

It is an easy process to make parts with sand cast aluminum. The first step is to fill a cavity with sand. Next, the sand must be bonded together to form the mold. This process can be very complicated if the casting part has a large number of components.

To overcome this problem, companies like the company in our case study can use investment castings. This method starts with a wax model, which is then invested in plaster or plaster stone. This is followed by the removal of the wax model from the mold. In the end, the product can be used by the customer.