The word 'click' is used to show a process or an action that is performed with the aid of a mouse button. Click is a common term to describe the action of clicking on a computer screen button. The word 'Click' is often used to describe clicking on an online search engine like Google or Bing.

These two websites have different ways of describing the action of searching for information. When you click the mouse button, you use the cursor or pointer. This object on the screen shows the position Click here where you can click. The action of clicking takes place on the page you are viewing.

A mouse is one device that can be used to click or "click" on a web page. There are several types of mice available. One of the common types of mice is the computer mouse. There are three main parts to a mouse. They are called buttons, a housing and the mouse cord.

A button is located on the top of the mouse and is used to click on an item on the screen. The mouse is held in the right hand and moved across the surface. Some mice can double as track balls. They are used instead of buttons because they are more responsive. It is recommended that you clean your computer regularly. This includes cleaning the inside of the mouse. Do this at least once a week.