If the climate is normal, then the average run time for a furnace is 10-15 minutes per cycle. Most people would like their furnace to run a bit longer than this but they have to consider the safety of their home. As you know, if you leave your furnace on for too long of a period of time it will overheat. This is why the typical 10-15 minute run time is set.

When you set up your new furnace, you should make sure it is set up correctly. This means you should check your thermostat and see if it is properly connected to your furnace. If you do this, Furnace installation atlanta you will not need to run your furnace for 15 minutes every hour. It is important to make sure your house is warm before you set up your furnace.

After you have turned on your furnace, you should check it every day until it runs smoothly. This can help prevent overheating. You should pay attention to the heat in your house. If the temperature changes too much, it will be hard for your furnace to maintain the same temperature. If you have a problem with a specific room in your home,

you should also consider having it checked. Furnaces are designed to circulate air and deliver warmth throughout your home. If they are working properly, you should not have problems.