Pediatricians are trained doctors who focus on children's physical, mental, and emotional well-being from birth to age 18. When compared to primary care physicians or family doctors, they are regarded as the best childcare providers. Through growth monitoring, physical examinations, vaccinations, and immunizations, pediatricians help your child.

Your baby care centre in Siliguri can be a great assistance in the early detection and treatment of infections and diseases. So you can rest assured that, in the event that your child develops a special condition, a pediatrician is well-versed in dealing with children's healthcare issues, regardless of the condition.

Growth Milestones

This is a routine checkup that is used to track a child's growth. Body mass index, height, and weight are just a few of the many measurements that are taken during this examination. After being recorded, the outcomes are compared to those of children of the same age and gender.

During the examination, the pediatrician also looks for delays in a child's growth and development. Information about the baby's behavior at home from the parents is also required. Details like whether the child smiles, moves his hands, or moves around are necessary. The child specialist can better track the child's development with this information.

Physical Checkups

The Physical Exam, also known as the annual well-child exam, is a routine that is usually done every year to look at a child's physical development. To put it another way, its primary goal is to determine whether the child is growing as expected. Depending on the child's age, head circumference, muscles, height, weight, and blood pressure are typically measured during this examination.

Scheduled Vaccination

Vaccination and immunization involve injecting a dead microbe into a child to activate their immune system and keep them protected from the microbe. From the time a child is born until they reach the age of 18, this is recommended for a variety of reasons.

Vaccinations for chickenpox, polio, the human papillomavirus (HPV), and influenza are given to children. To prevent children from receiving an excessive number of injections, vaccines may be administered concurrently in some instances. The child may experience a fever or soreness following the injection, but not any serious illnesses.

Early Detection

The Pediatrician can use this type of examination to identify and treat certain infections and diseases earlier. This is most effective for infections without early symptoms. As a result, having regular checkups helps catch infections early and treat them before they get worse.

Thus, it’s recommended you must go to the baby care centre in Siliguri at least once for well-baby checkups during your baby's first year to avoid any unnecessary complications.