Vancouver Island and British Columbia coastlines feature the most breathtaking places in the world of kayaking explorations. 

Whether you're an experienced kayaker trying to sharpen your abilities or a beginner looking for an exciting adventure escape, kayaking on the beautiful waterways of Vancouver is a great choice for you.  

Apart from Vancouver, you can also rent a watercraft from online venues for kayak rental Montreal or Toronto.  

Kayaking Gears that You Must Pack

It is safe to go sea kayaking on calm waters, but that doesn't mean you should neglect safety precautions. As with any outdoor activity, there are a few circumstances to be ready for. Make sure you have honed your movement and paddling style in the water before you start your trip.  

Here is a list of equipment to check before starting your trip:

  • Map and GPS Devices
  • Life jacket
  • Extra paddle
  • Whistle
  • Manual water pump
  • Paddle leash
  • Self-rescue devices
  • First aid box
  • Radio

Typically, owners listing their vessels on online venues for kayak rental Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver provide the basic safety equipment such as life jackets, first aid kits, and sometimes an extra paddle.

Best Sea Kayaking Spots around Vancouver 

North Island

Kayakers will find a pure wilderness sanctuary in the protected waters of Quatsino Sound, where they will be surrounded by stunning scenery. There is plenty of marine life, including sea otters, migratory orcas, and humpback whales. With its 70 miles of waterways, Quatsino Sound is secluded and devoid of random tourists. 

Neroutsos Inlet, Rupert Inlet, and Holberg Inlet are the three arms of Quatsino Sound, the northernmost area on Vancouver Island's west coast. Quatsino Sound is also home to the settlements of Coal Harbour, Quatsino, Port Alice, Winter Harbour, and Holberg.  

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South Island

During your kayaking trip, you must explore the picturesque South Island and Inner Harbour. Beneath the iconic Johnson Street bridge, towards The Gorge, a winding creek runs from Victoria's upper harbour before ultimately extending into the lovely Portage Inlet. 

The narrowest sections periodically see near whitewater conditions due to a daily tidal surge, which thrills kayakers. The pier in Gorge Park, located just west of the center of Victoria, is the ideal site to stop for a while.  

Whether you rent a vessel from an online venue for kayak rental Montreal or Toronto, it is recommended that you share your itinerary with someone for safety purposes. 

Central Island

The marshy lagoon at the mouth of the 8 km long Ladysmith Harbour draws migratory birds in the spring and fall, while Dunsmuir Island and Woods Island on the north side of the harbour offer pleasant summer getaways. 

In Nanaimo, Pipers Lagoon Regional Park, you will find a public boat ramp where you can restock your supplies if needed.  

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim National Park's primary recreational features are Barkley Sound and the Broken Group Islands. In recent years these islands have become very popular among kayakers. The fact that the Broken Group Islands offer a genuine west coast experience in protected water is one of the fundamental elements contributing to their popularity. The open seas surrounding Ucluelet, the exposed stretches of the West Coast Trail, and Long Beach are the regions that draw tourists to the Pacific Rim.

Safety Precautions for Kayaking

Whether you opt for kayak rental Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver, it's crucial to pack the right apparel and equipment when you go kayaking.  

  • Always paddle with a fellow paddler who you may call for assistance.
  • Never paddle more than a short distance from the shore if you haven't undergone rescue training. 
  • Learn about the danger zones, currents, tides, and weather predictions.
  • You should always prepare for capsizing, which at the very least entails wearing a wetsuit when the water's temperature is below 60 F.
  • Do not take off your PFD.
  • Remember to bring your whistle for distress signals.
  • It is preferable to postpone your journey if there is a storm approaching.


Do I have to hire a guide for kayaking?

If you are familiar with the area and have sufficient sea kayaking expertise, hiring a guide is not necessary. Experienced paddlers can rent kayaking supplies at various docks, or you can carry your own gear. 

If you're planning a multi-day excursion by yourself, be knowledgeable about wilderness camping, self-rescue, navigation, and first aid. 

What are the general tips for a kayaking trip?

Bring safety gear and appropriate clothing for your location. You should also pack sunglasses and sunscreen since the ocean is very reflective. The dry hatches are not always as watertight as they appear, so you might want to invest in a dry bag for your belongings.  

How to choose the best kayak for my trip?

It is advised to rent a heavy plastic kayak since they are more resistant to rocks, coral, and other environmental factors. Sea kayaks and touring kayaks are commonly used for exploring flat water because, compared to whitewater kayaks, they are often more comfortable and simpler to control. 

The majority of sea kayaks include watertight chambers to store whatever you would need for a protected trip, including clothing, food, and equipment. A twin kayak can be your best choice if you're going with someone new to the boat culture. 

Although the more costly carbon fibre kayaks are simpler to transport, they are more quickly damaged. An inflatable kayak is your best bet for getting about if you don't mind paddling at a slower pace.

Rent, Explore, Enjoy! 

Vancouver is fortunate to have such great sea kayaking locations so nearby. There are plenty of excellent locations to keep both novice and experienced kayakers pleased within just 90 minutes of downtown Vancouver. 

It is easy to bring your own sea kayak or hire one in the area. Take advantage of the quick tutorial most vessel owners offer if you're a little concerned about your trip.