You can use different tools to train people in various things. In the digital era, videos have joined, and many are out there. People have been recording and posting raw videos and edited ones too. 

If you want to create training videos, various ideas will come to mind regarding the method of capturing. If you want a safe and inexpensive one, you need to learn about Doratoon. 

It’s a platform that has helped people redefine their approach to making training videos. This review sheds light on why it’s the best tool to solve video training. 

What is Doratoon?

The video creation software realm has come a long way, from stand-alone apps to completely web-based ones. Doratoon is in the latter version, and there is more to that. It’s a platform that will help you easily create, edit, and export training videos. 

All you need is an account to get started. You can use it anywhere if you have a device that can connect to the internet. Some various tools and features enable you to complete your video. 

So, we will highlight them and see how they help people create video training clips. 

Doratoon Video Training Features 

To make the best out of the platform, it will share with you the following:

  • Library of templates and animated characters: There are thousands of templates and animated characters for you to utilize. The templates are also in various niches. So, you can get something that works within your area of training. 
  • Stock photos: There are also free stock images that you can utilize as you create the video. You can also import more based on necessity. 
  • Drag-and-drop functionality: You can create training video by just dragging and dropping objects. A few things that may require clicking are when you are fetching something or applying color. 
  • Voice-over recording: You can also record your voice and use it as the audio. Doratoon will just detect the microphone's presence, and you can proceed to speak. 
  • Path-finding ability: You can define the path your objects and animated characters follow. Training videos require movement mostly, and when the occasion rises, Doratoon will help you handle it. 
  • Text-to-speech-conversion: If you can’t record your voice for some reason, you can type the text about the training details to be converted into speech. There are several voices to select and apply after you include the text. 
  • Multiple orientations: Doratoon allows you to create landscape and portrait videos. You can choose the most suitable one based on where you share the video. 
  • Uploading ability: If there is something extra that you would like to add, you can upload it on the platform. There is enough cloud storage for your material. You can upload photos, video clips, PDFs, and even PPTs. The best part about Doratoon is that you can convert your PPT  into a video that makes the training livelier. 
  • Export videos in the chosen format: Once you finish the creation, you can select the configuration to export, remove the watermark, or customize it and then export to your favored platform. If the channel is not included, you can download and export manually. 

You can check out the main website to see what else is there. You will get a 7-day trial to explore all the features and read the tutorials. After that, there are affordable subscriptions for you to take and create the training videos you require. 

How to Create Training Videos Using Doratoon

You only need a few steps to complete the job. If there is any problem, as we said, there are tutorials and blogs to guide you through. Here is the procedure you need to get the training video. 

Step 1: Sign up and Explore the Templates 

Create an account on the Doratoon website and check out the available templates. There are many to view, and you can filter them based on the category you require. You can check the tutorial page via the top navigation for more information if anything is unclear. 

Step 2: Create the Training Video

Once you have your material and script ready, you can start creating the video. You can edit one of the premade templates or click the create button to start from scratch. Choose the orientation you would use and upload the material you would like to add. 

Anything else is available on the left menu, and it’s a matter of dragging and dropping. 

Step 3: Export the Video 

Once you are done with the creation, choose your favorite format and share it directly on the available social channels. You can also download the video and share it manually. 

Why Should You Consider Doratoon to Create Training Videos?

For various reasons, you should utilize such a platform when creating a training video. Some of them include:

It’s Easy to Create 

Anything you require can be uploaded, dragged from the menu, or clicked. There is also all manner of tools to enable you to create a video and tutorials to guide you. 

A Loaded Library 

There are thousands of templates, photos, and animated characters for you to try out. Therefore, your training video is not limited to inclusions. 

Easy Exportation 

You can share on social media or YouTube directly from the platform. If that is not possible, you can download using your chosen format and share it manually. Before exporting, you can customize the watermark too or get rid of it. 

It’s Web Based 

You don’t need to install anything or use a particular compatible device. Everything is on the internet, meaning a browser is the only tool you require. 

Free Trial Included 

There is a 7-day trial included, as we suggested before. It allows you to try out everything and see how it works. The subscription plans are also budget-friendly, especially when comparing the cost of using cameras and other software to create the training video. 


To create training videos, you don’t need to spend much on equipment or go to extra lengths to make the video worthwhile. Doratoon is here for you; it has everything you require to make your training compelling. 

Proceed to create an account today and take advantage of the present coupons when subscribing for the first time. You will see how easy it is to create and share a video without digging deep into your pockets.