Google Pixelbook 12-inch Review

Google Pixelbook 12in is ultra-portable. The Chromebooks square measure returning to fashion because of their distinctive style. Chromebooks square measure speedier and additional economical than the opposite laptops and computers.

Design Of Google Pixelbook 12-inch

  • The PixelBook 12in comes with a four-in-one style with an associated Al body that is elegant and trendy.
  •  The PixelBook 12in may be accustomed to operating as a portable computer, pill associated additionally, and recreation mode similar to a tent.
  •  It offers a multitouch show. This is often the first distinction between google book and alternative notebooks with full-touch capabilities.
  • The size of the google book's pixels (12in) is 290.4mm wide, similar to 220.8mm wide.
  •  The thickness of the book measures zero.44 millimetres. 
  • The burden of this Chromebook weighs a pair of.45 lb. It's an awfully lightweight Chromebook. It's light-weight enough for daily tasks


  • The Chromebook is provided with a pair of USB kind C ports, similarly a three.5mm telephone receiver association.
  •  However, Chromebooks keep company with additional property ports thanks to their larger side panels. Wireless property is provided by Bluetooth integrated four.2, along with 802.11ac Wi-Fi.
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Keyboard & Trackpad

  • It has an oversized keyboard that encompasses a 19mm pitch in conjunction with Google facilitated keys.
  •  The keyboard is a snug feel and therefore, the keys have backlights. This is often the perfect keyboard for long-lived writing. 
  • Its Google element Book twelve inches is additional convenient than the opposite Chromebooks.
  • The trackpad is clear and comes with multi-touch capabilities. It additionally comes with an associate edge-to-edge trackpad.


  • The Chromebooks came with an IPS display with a resolution of 1080p.
  •  Then, the Google Pixelbook 12in was launched with an associated resolution of 2400 x 1200 pixels.
  •  The primary Chromebook that encompasses a show of high quality.
  •  The element book is twelve inches wide and could be a product of Google element book.
  •  Twelve inch comes with a surprising show that encompasses a 12.3in screen. 12.3inch screen with vivacious colours that create 4K-resolution videos crystal clear and crystal clear. 
  • Its multi-touch show is thought to be high or high in the category.

Although this feature was offered in earlier versions of element book twelve, element book twelve has the potential to integrate completely different recreation functions together with mechanical man apps, for example. The foremost common usage for this feature is that element book twelve on the show is correct with relevance to the detection of bit, and it's extremely probable not to create any mistakes. At the ultimate, it'll offer customers with a seamless and consistent expertise.

Storage & Memory

  • It is offered in 3 storage options: Google Pixelbook 12in Chromebook is introduced in 3 storage options: 128GB, 256GB, and 128GB.
  • With 256 GB, 128 GB, and therefore 512 GB. 128GB comes as the primary storage selection for Google's element Book.
  •  But it's potential to upgrade it to 512GB supported however you utilise it and your storage preferences. 
  • The storage possibility is NVMe. it is the one that's used for element Book 12in. Element book 12in, and is believed to be a touch additional economical than SSD storage.

Processor & Graphics

  • It has its three.30 7.7 rate Intel Core I5 processor and I7 processor, which is quick enough to perform daily tasks with ease. 
  • These processors square measure wonderful for play and additional speedy browsing.
  •  It's hopped-up on Intel's Intel UHD 615 GPU. The UHD 615 is capable of running a number of the toughest ten thousand game titles on a computer and it's the proper way to figure out the processor used.

Battery Life & Audio

  • Google PixelBook has a median battery life of ten hours. It's forty one Whr of capability and hopped-up by a 45-watt battery.
  •  One of the foremost notable options during this Chromebook is that it's a quick charging capability. 
  • It may be charged for between 2 and fifteen minutes. It may last for around. 7.5 hours in just an hour.
  •  it's A battery lifetime of seven.5 hours. it's ready to meet the stress of life.
  • It's also ready to carry virtually anywhere. The Google PixelBook(12in) wasn't ready to offer the specified audio quality. 
  • They don't seem to be as powerful but they'll have high-pitched music that captivates the ears.

Gaming Capabilities

  • Google element Book 12in may be represented as a play portable computer. This integrated GPU of the Chromebook has Intel HD 615; it's capable of enjoying a minimum of thirty-one percent of the foremost fashionable ten thousand games.
  •  What is more, between a pair of and three p.c of games may contend exploitation of the foremost current versions of the software system? It's a seventh-generation processor, and it's equipped with the Intel HD 615 LE.


The Google Pixelbook 12in element pill might not live up to the stress of its customers concerning its webcam's quality. The digital camera of the Chromebook comes with simply zero.9 inches of resolution, which can not work for people who like online conferences.


✅4 In one style.

✅Smooth And Backlit Keyboard.

✅High-Performance Chromebook.



❌Not appropriate For High-End Applications.

❌Only USB-C Port property possibility.

Our finding

  • The PixelBook 12in stands out from the remainder of Chromebooks. This is often the only real Chromebook with planning similar to the performance that the PixelBook 12 inches has. It is also easy to be compared with the best desktops for macOS laptops. 
  • Their square measures a couple of drawbacks with the books with twelve inches of pixels with unhealthy audio quality, low webcams, and therefore the worth.
  • The price is high in comparison with alternative laptops within the Chromebook class. Once you compare it with Windows and macOS notebooks, the portable computer is significantly cheaper than alternative laptops. It's among the