How can you test your electronics without expensive equipment? That’s where test pins spring loaded and pogo pins come in! These innovative pin types can be a great solution to save both time and money, especially when you’re testing prototypes or simply checking that the latest version of your software is compatible with your hardware.

What is a Pogo Pin?

A pogo pin is a connector widely used in modern electronics. These small connectors are less than 0.1 inches wide and feature a spring loaded design that provides excellent contact with the pins on the opposite side of the connection. They are typically found in the battery holder or power jack of a device such as a laptop, cell phone, or game controller.

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What is a Spring-Loaded Pin?

A spring loaded pin is an electrical connector that can be used for a number of different applications. They are often used for testing circuitry. The spring loaded pin is pushed into the circuit board or motherboard where the pins would normally go.

 When released, it will either make or break the connection between two points on the circuit board. This allows you to test your product without powering it up and risking potential damage. There are a few different types of spring loaded pins out there, but they all work in much the same way. All you need to do is find the right one for your project. If you're looking for a high quality design with a long lifespan, look no further than Dongguan Promax's engineering team!

A good idea if using a high precision design would be using one that has insulated conductive parts. That way, even if there was some type of voltage present in the air (i.e., static electricity), it won't affect how well the device works.

How Do They Work?

A pogo pin is a spring loaded pin that can be used to test the electrical circuits of electronics. It can also be used as a connector or jumper wire in your circuit board. A spring-loaded pin is a connector that will make it easier to insert, remove, and reinsert into your electronic device. The way they work is by having a metal contact on the end of them which makes contact with the metal contacts on your circuit board.

 The pins are inserted into one side of the circuit board and then you would use tools like tweezers or special grasping tools to pull them out from the other side of the board so you can put them back in again later.

What Are The Benefits?

Pogo pins, also known as spring loaded pins, are a great way to test your circuit boards or other electronics. They're highly affordable; available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials; compatible with most electronic testing equipment; and can be customized for use with many different types of circuits.

How To Use Them?

  • Use a pogopin to test the conductivity of the PCB board.
  • Connect the conductive wire from the pc board to one contact on the pogopin, and insert it into the other contact.
  • Insert a shorting clip onto one end of a jumper wire, then touch it to both contacts on the pogopin. If there is an open circuit in between then you have found your problem!

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