Putting a number plate on retention means you don’t want to use that number for now, but you’ve purchased it. Simply, you purchased and hold a registration number and are entitled to use it. 

And yes, it’s common, especially in the UK. The government has introduced great laws for such people who want to get number plates and retain them. It was complex to retain a number plate a couple of years back, but now the DVLA has made it easier. Meanwhile, you can put plates on retention online via a few simple steps. 

According to the official statements, now you can put number plates on retention for up to 10 years. And yes, you don’t need to pay any fee when renewing, even after 10 years. 

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This article has shared how you can put number plates on retention. All you have to do is, stay with this article and be good to go. 

Let’s get into this.

Number Plates Retention Procedure

You should make yourself eligible first to retain your number plate registration. 

Here are the eligibility criteria:

  • You should be a registered keeper like your name should be in the V5 log book.
  • Your registration application should always be transferrable. If the word “non-transferrable” is mentioned, retain application will be rejected.
  • The MOT test of the vehicle should be passed, and it should be taxed. In case of expiry, contact DVLA.

If you are eligible for the above criteria, contact Bespoke Plates. They will provide you with an online form to complete and submit to the DVLA. Indeed, you will be offered excellent navigation in the whole procedure by them. You need to add the purpose for retention and other crucial information. 

DVLA will get your application, inspect and issue a certificate for retention. The certificate is proof of your ownership of that particular number you retain. As mentioned above, you can only retain the number plate for up to 10 years. After it, you have to renew for retention if you want. Otherwise, you can use the number anytime and transfer it to your vehicle. 

Contact Bespoke Plates, a great number plate maker, when you transfer the number to your vehicle. They are providing efficient services in this regard and are always open to great discussions. You can ask queries, discuss confusion and get better navigations from experts here.

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Final Thoughts

We shared in-depth about how you can put number plates on retention. Along with this, we also mentioned an excellent source providing great navigation and plate manufacturing services. Connect with it and have a better experience today!