Does your couch look old and damaged? If yes, then you must reupholster your couch instead of buying a new one for your place. The best thing about the upholstery is that it is affordable compared to buying a new sofa for your home.

Reupholstery also helps you to use your favorite old furniture again. If you want to do the reupholstery of your old sofa on your own, then this blog is going to be very informative for you because today I shall tell you all the tools and steps that will be very helpful during this process.

Tools Required For The Reupholstery Process

Before starting the reupholstering process of your couch to give it a brand new look, you must collect all the essential tools that you will need during this process. If you are thinking that you will buy the tools when you need them during the process, then it is going to be very hectic for you because every time you need a tool you have to stop working.

Here are some tools that you will need during the reupholstery of your couch.

  • Upholstery staple remover
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Upholstery twist pins
  • Liquid Stitch fabric glue
  • Upholstery needle 
  • Piping cord
  • Fabric button kit
  • Sewing machine

All these tools are necessary during the sofa upholstery repair if you want to make your process super easy and less time-consuming. 

Steps To Reupholster a Couch On Your Own

After gathering all the tools for the upholstery of the furniture, it's now time to start our process. Here are some steps that you need to follow during this process.

1. Take Complete Measurements For The Couch

First of all, you have to take complete measurements of your couch so you can again make it the same size. Although the size of the couch is determined by its frame, the foam on the handles can affect the size of the couch.

Write down all the measurements on paper very precisely. This will help you to purchase the fabric that is required for the upholstery of the sofa.

2. Select The Best Material For The Upholstery

When you have completed the first step by taking the measurements of the couch, it's now time to purchase the best fabric for the upholstery of the sofa. There are different textures of fabrics available on the market, such as velvet, jute, leather, tweed, and many others. Try to select high-quality fabric, foam, and all the other materials for the upholstery of the sofa to make it long-lasting for your home.

3. Remove The Cover From The Downside Of The Couch

When you turn the couch down, you will see a cover, mostly called the dust cover of the sofa. This cover is to protect the inside of the sofa from dust and termites. First, you may remove this cover.

Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the nails or staples from the sofa to detach the dust cover. Don’t tear the dust cover during the removal process, as you can use it again.

4. Remove The Previous Upholstery

When you are just refabricating the sofa instead of reupholstering it, then you don’t need to remove the upholstery of the sofa; just remove the fabric from it and then attach the new fabric again. If only a small part of the foam or filling is damaged, then I never advise you to change all the filling, just treat the damaged portion.

If you want to replace all the filling, then you have to detach lots of staples from the sofas, so be ready for this situation. Always remove the first layer of the fabric first and then start going downward. Don’t try to tear the material because tearing will cause problems for you.

5. Fill The Stuffing To Make It Comfortable Again

Now you have to re-stuff the sofa to make it even cozier than before. For the stuffing, you can use a polyfill or the filling inside the old cushions. After filling the stuffing, you can now also use a sheet of a hard or soft mattress on top of the filling to give a more defined look to the sofa.

6. Repolish The Frame

After filling the sofa set, it's now time to re-polish the frame. It will assist you in making your old sofa fresh again. Use high-quality wooden or aluminium polish on the frame according to the material of your frame.

7. Cover The Couch With The New Fabric

Now, it's time to cover the couch completely with the new fabric. For this, use the measurements of your couch and then cut the fabric into the required size. You have to attach the new fabric in the reverse order as you remove the old fabric.

This means that you have to attach the fabric to the very first part, from where you removed the old fabric last. Use nails and glue to cover the couch completely with the new upholstery fabric.

8. Apply The Dust Cover Again

After covering the sofa with the fabric, apply the dust cover again on the downside of the sofa. You can use the old dust cover or you can also use a new one.


Reupholstering a couch is necessary when it gets bored, dull, and damaged. You can do the upholstery on your own, or you can also get upholstery services from professionals. It is a time-consuming process when you do it on your own because most people don’t have any experience in this field. If you want to save time, then you can hire experts for this task.