Which is an ideal place to start the catering business? Which place has a higher chance of getting the catering business to flourish? The catering business is gaining so much attraction these days adding to one of the impeccable business ideas and leading success of the food industry in Dubai. People always love to celebrate with a table full of great food. Giving many advantages and easy-to-set-up methods made it more simple for many entrepreneurs to start businesses. 

Why start a catering business in Dubai?

For the main reason, the catering business is easy and convenient to set up compared with any other business set up or food profession in Dubai. Activities can be done in homes, however, the requirements for storing and food handling are the same as in restaurants. There are catering establishments that are imposed by the UAE food code. It is a smart idea to find a business setup in Dubai to lead you with information about setting up a business without any problems.    

How to set up a catering business in Dubai?

First of all, to commence the running of a catering business or delivery food business, you have to apply for a trade license. If you set up the business on the mainland, you apply this directly to the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai. Setting up the business in the free zone can bring many advantages. It provides an easy process of incorporation, support for business, exemptions on tax, no restrictions on currency, and most of all, it is really cost-effective. Another crucial step is to find an ample name that matches your services.  

Requirements to set up a catering business

Just like every business, there are some conditions that need to be attained. First of all, the business has to be recorded with the Dubai economic department. Approval should be taken for the trade names that are used for the business. The copies of the passport of the business owner are required to be submitted to the officials. There needs to be a space to keep the food and required items without any damage. It is better to find a kitchen that is suitable for the business. Another thing to be noted as the requirement is the selection of an authentic local resident and signature on the memorandum of association. Lastly, you have to take obligatory approvals from the municipality of Dubai.  

Applying for a license in the catering business

Just like applying for a trade license, there are some requirements for applying for a catering license. You can apply for the catering license to the food safety department in Dubai once you have the license for trade. You have to show the kitchen floor plan and area for food preparation that has all the exit and entry passages, areas for making food, storage areas, windows, all equipment, washing items, ventilation, and so on. In short, you have to provide a detailed view of everything.   

Also, you must obey the food code of the UAE which includes all the aspects from ventilations, cleaning areas, and machines to where the food is made and kept. You will receive the catering license to start the trade once you meet all the requirements of getting a catering license.   

Cost of catering license

Just before getting a catering license, you might check for its cost. Well, It is not an easy task to get an accurate estimation of the cost of a food service license with the involvement of many factors. Which comprise elements like the location and area of the business to the cost of basics and ingredients.  

The first cost arrives with taking the trading license and the cost of taking a cafeteria license in Dubai is between AED 140,000 and AED 200,000. Once a year, your license for trading will be renewed by the Department of economic development (DED) in Dubai. 

Benefits of commencing a catering business

There are an array of global events like the Dubai Expo as well as many functions that are conducted all the time. Besides this reason, the main aspect of success for the catering business in Dubai is that it is a place for many meetings, presentations, weddings, and many more. A place where people love to celebrate with great food is a good place to start a catering business. Additionally, business ideas are greatly promoted which ensures support from the government, unless you are doing something illegal. 

To sum it up, Catering services are increasing because of any beneficial factors that are provided, and mostly the access to the easy setup made this business chosen by many entrepreneurs. If you need any assistance in the Company formation in UAE, we are right here with all the information and solutions you need to get your business in shape.