Fixed Deposit, PPF, and Life Insurance are a few low-return seeking investments, but they offer complete protection of your capital. You can easily calculate the Fixed Deposit return with the online Fixed Deposit Interest Rate Calculator. Real estate investment entitles you to capital and revenue growth, though it is almost a secured investment. You are entitled to a tax rebate for the amount you pay as interest toward financing your real estate loan. PPF and Life Insurance premium also qualifies for the tax rebate. Equity Fund and ULIP are some of the high-return investment tools for those who are ready to take higher investment risks. 

A financial endowment is one aspiration that is commonly held by all. However, only the wisest investor can materialize this plan. Unless you start investing in appropriate tools, you cannot expect to achieve financial freedom and stability. When selecting an investment tool, one category generates high returns, while another fetches comparatively lower returns. Computing the possible yields from assured return investment is not a big deal. For example, you may refer to the fixed deposit interest rate calculator and input the interest rate, investment tenure, and investment value to get the total payout instantly. But, deciding the right investment tool does not only consider the returns. Rather, you have to consider various other factors related to it. 

FD is a timeless classic in the investment domain. 

If you are not willing to expose the corpus to significant investment risk, it is one tool that best suits your needs. You can deposit your money with any Bank or NBFC for a tenure that suits you the best. Even if the return on investment is low, it requires a special mention that you enjoy complete capital security. You can easily compute the cumulative or the non-cumulative return by using the online fixed deposit interest rate calculator. You can approach Bajaj Finserv with your FD certificate for an instant cash loan at the lowest interest if you need a loan. 

Public Provident Fund 

For investors invested in long-term savings, and capital security gets a priority over the yield, PPF is one of the best investment options. It is a Government operated savings cum retirement planning investment that can generate regular income for your retirement ages. In the category of secured investments, PPF has been producing the highest return consistently for years. Investment in the PPF also entitles you to income tax exemption for 100% of your contribution. 

Life Insurance 

Nothing suits you better than life insurance policies if you have to secure your life and pave the way to the financial endowment. You will find assured payout plus conditional payouts that fasten your economic progress. The best part about investing in life insurance policies is that you are entitled to an income tax rebate. 

Real Estate Investment 

Whether you consider adding variety to your investment portfolio or looking for High Return investments with the minimum investment risk, real estate investment will serve your purpose both ways. You will get capital as well as revenue gain from real estate investments. If you avail of a loan to finance the property purchase, you will get a tax rebate for 100% of the amount you pay as interest toward the loan. 

Equity Funds 

If you are ready to shoulder higher investment risk and have your eyes on the highest yield, nothing suits you better than Equity Funds. Here the investment is made through mutual funds. Even if the risk factor is high, the association with professional fund managers can enable you to escape such threats. It is the most suitable option for investors who cannot invest significant effort and time to manage their investments. Equity Fund Returns have been the highest over several years, even if nothing is assured. 

Unit Linked Insurance Policies 

It is a variety of endowment plans with an investment portfolio connected to the stock market. You can select the specific product, considering your investment value and risk-bearing capacities. If you have started early and are comfortable with high investment risks, you should always opt for these schemes that reward you substantially for the high risk you shoulder. 

Ideally, investors should focus on creating an investment portfolio with the right balance between high and low-risk investment tools. The possible return on investment depends solely on the extent of risk you take. Thus, low and high return is just synonym for lower and higher investment risks. Therefore, your investment portfolio must include a few capital security investments with the ones that are high-risk yet high-return fetching investment tools. This way, you can retain capital safety and still walk on the path of high return-generating investments.