Laminate flooring is very popular these days because it is one of the most affordable flooring options on the market. But interior designers say that it is not a reliable flooring for homes and other areas. There could be many reasons behind these statements, but it has confused many buyers about whether it is a wise decision to invest in laminate flooring or not.

If you are one of those people who want to consider laminate as their home flooring but now can’t make a decision, then this article is for you. Today I am going to clear up all the uncertainties about laminate flooring and tell you all the reasons that make laminate flooring unsuitable for floors.

7 Reasons Laminate Flooring Is Not Considered A Reliable Flooring

Here are some of the reasons that are making laminate flooring non-reliable for users:

1. Can’t Be Refinished Or Repaired

The fact that laminate wood flooring cannot be repaired is probably the most significant disadvantage. If your flooring is damaged once, then there is no option for you to repair this damage. Even a single scratch from this flooring can’t be repaired. This flooring also starts degrading after some time.

If the shine of your flooring is getting dull, you can’t even refinish or re-polish your flooring.

2. Give Unwanted Sounds

This flooring can not be considered peaceful flooring because it mostly produces unwanted and irritating sounds. It is not for those people who want pin-drop silence at their place because whenever someone walks on it, it makes strange sounds. It can disturb the decorum of your place with these noises.

3. Hard Texture

The texture of this flooring is also hard. When you walk on this floor, you don’t feel comfortable. This flooring can cause pain in your feet when you stand too long on it. Many installers use foam underlay with this flooring to make it comfortable to some extent, but this step can’t even make this flooring completely comfortable for the users.

4.  Improper Installation Problems

The installation of laminate flooring requires too much attention and professional skills. If there is any gap left behind during the installation of this flooring, the user has to face many consequences. The quality of the laminate flooring can easily be damaged with improper installation. This flooring demands a 100% error-free installation for its proper functioning.

5. Contain Harmful Chemicals

Are you one of those people who are very concerned about their environment? If yes, then please stay away from this floor. This flooring has many different types of harmful substances that can be dangerous to the environment.

It contains formaldehyde, which is not good for the atmosphere. It also contains some volatile compounds that can be dangerous to the environment of your place.

6. Slippery

The laminate flooring has a very smooth surface, which can cause trouble for homeowners because it makes the flooring slippery. If you have elderly people or kids in your home, then you have to avoid this flooring. Because it can cause serious injuries to them if they fall on it.

7. Fake Not Real

Laminate flooring never gives a real look to the floors. The floors seem to appear fake with the installation of this flooring. Although this flooring gives the appearance of hardwood flooring, they never look real to the user. People who want to give a natural look to their floors must use wooden flooring or parquet flooring for this purpose.

Why Laminate Is Considered A Good Flooring Although It Has Too Many Drawbacks?

Although laminate flooring has too many disadvantages, this flooring is still considered one of the best flooring options because it is highly affordable. People with low budgets always prefer laminate flooring for their homes because it fulfills almost all their needs.

The other thing is that it is also very easy to maintain. There is no need to spend hours cleaning this flooring because it can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and mop. The installation process of this flooring is also very quick, so people don’t need to wait to move into their new house.

This flooring also looks beautiful on floors because it can easily match the interior of the place. It is also available in almost all colors, so you can also follow a certain theme in your room.

The laminate flooring is also considered somewhat durable. Although it is not as durable as hardwood flooring, it can last for 10 to 15 years.


In the end, I must say that laminate is not a good flooring material for places that remain in extensive use. If you want to floor a room that is occasionally used, then you can consider laminate flooring in Dubai for this. Otherwise, it doesn't fulfill all the needs of the user and sometimes causes trouble for the homeowners.