Each of these software are very well sought after in the EMR medical care software world. They provide efficient number of solutions for the purposes of their intended to be utilized for. 

Both software are rich in terms of the value it provides to its long-term customers, especially when it comes to operational use and fielding of the software. Both of these software are very similar in terms of the functions they perform.  And the specialties they are best suited for is also the same. The interfaces and their useability designed with the end user in mind. 

OneTouch EMR Software Outline 

OneTouch EMR is a cloud-based EMR software. It helps practices including Internal andFamily Medicine, and general practitioners manage patient's medical history. OneTouch EMR can be accessed remotely via mobile devices operatingdifferent platforms. The document feature of the software make the encounter quickly and easily using familiar workflow. OneTouch EMR is a medical record and practice management platform for small to medium businesses. It also synthesizes medical records, schedules and supply management into one platform. All that is done with adashboard showcasing daily schedules. And alsopending orders, patient andcoworker communications is support as well.

OneTouchEMRhas a robust patient encounter recording. That is done by demographics, vitals, history, medications,allergies, and much more. There is also an encounter timeline to best put treatment into perspective. The entire software is web-based, with access portals from web browsers. It also provides the ability to be accessthrough internet enabled devices.  OneTouchEMR is also HIPAA compliant and has Meaningful Use certification. The software’s scalable billing comes as a free option.

Couple of key features of One Touch: 

  • ComplianceTracking
  • SelfService Portal
  • E-Prescribing
  • Charting
  • AppointmentScheduling
  • VoiceRecognition
  • Dashboards

OneTouch EMR Demo and How to Request It 

Requesting the demo from One Touch EMR is a bit cumbersome. The customer has to go onto their One Touch EMR official website and there they need to email them through a link. Afterwards, the sales representative will reach out to the customer. They will guide them through the software’s functionality and features. One Touch EMR does offer a free trial for the software. 

OneTouch EMR Pricing and How to Best Deal 

OneTouch EMR does provide the pricing of the software on their official website. The software is very generously priced and come in at five pricing packages for different modules. The lower tier version costs $199 per provider\per month. And it goes up to $565 per provider\per month for the upper tier version. There is also a revenue cycle module, but for that the customer needs to contact the company directly. One Touch EMR does not have a free version of the software. 

OneTouch EMR Reviews and How They Look 

One Touch EMR is not massively reviewed on the internet. But the ones that are available, they really advocate the software greatly. The software is rated 4.2\5 at capterra.com based on ‎22 user reviews. It is also rated 4\5 at findemr.com based on ‎11 user reviews. 

ChARMHealth EHR Software Features 

ChARMHealth is a cloud-based health care suite. it is designed to be a start-to-finish electronic hub for health care professionals. Charm EHR offers a range of pricing tiers and add-ons, including a free package. That allows its users to tailor the software for their individual needs and requirements.

The electronic health record, telehealth and patient portal enable providers to stay connected with patients. And it also stores and retrieves datadigitally without any hassle.Some functionalities such as medical billing and revenue cycle management let health care professionals spend less time manually handling financial aspects of the practice. This way they can spend more time focusing on health care and engaging with patients. Charm EMR marketplace ecosystem offers a various of mobile apps with a large and growing number of integration partners. Charm EHR comes along with CharmHealth APIs including FHIR APIs to meet its customers growing needs. 

Couple key features of ChARMHealth: 

  • SelfService Portal
  • E-Prescribing
  • AppointmentScheduling
  • ClaimsManagement
  • CustomizableDashboard
  • Code& Charge Entry
  • ComplianceTracking

ChARMHealth EHR Demo and How to Go About Requesting It 

ChARMHealth does have a dedicated option for demo on their website. So, the customer can go there and contact them by filling out a simple form. And afterwards the sale representative will reach out and inform them about the software and its functionality. ChARMHealth does offer free trial or the software, so the customer can get a feel for the software. 

CharmEHR Pricing and How Much Does It Costs 

ChARMHealth EHR does offer pricing for the software on their official website. The pricing is simple and it helps customers to better manage their budgetary constraints. The pricing begins at $0.5 per encounter\month (monthly minimum of $25) for the basic version. The advance version is $350 per provider\month. There is also a free version of the software available. 

CharmEHR Reviews and How They Stack Up 

ChARMHealth is decently reviewed on the world wide web. The majority of the reviews are actually advocating the use of the software and are really satisfied with it. The software is rated 4.5\5 at sotfwareadvice.com based on ‎112 user reviews. It is also rated 4\5findemr.com based on ‎40 user reviews. 

Major Drawbacks of Each Software 


  • The software does not offer an Android app
  • The software does not support a medical administration record
  • The software’s customer support can be unresponsive 
  • The software’s interface is a bit tricky to work around


  • The software’s notes downloading can be cumbersome
  • The software users are unable to add DX codes to superbills
  • The software lacks customization options
  • The software customer support can be a little uninformative 

Future Prospects of Each Software  

OneTouch and ChARMHealth are both are greatly investing in their future ventures. They are also further developing their software. They are as well adding new tools to the interface and bring it up to par the competition. Each of them also expanding customer support service to many regions. 


The verdict of which software is better, that is completely up to the customers. It is them who will be using the software, so they should be the ones to make that decision. But froman expert’s perspective,the customers should choose the one that best fitstheir operational templet.