When it comes to estate settlements and planning, a proper probate lawyer Melbourne or where you are is essential. You can hire a probate lawyer to help with writing a will and dealing with your estate when you pass away, and you can hire one to help with administration and legal aspects when someone dies and there is an estate to settle. There are actually two kinds of probate lawyers, probate litigators who handle things like will contestations and family legal conflict, and then transactional litigators who handle all duties related to the estate and the wishes of the deceased.

Transactional lawyers

Transactional probate lawyers Melbourne are who people turn to for help with the will, making sure it is submitted to the right places and that a death certificate is submitted. If a person dies without an obvious will then this lawyer can look for one with the probate office, and if there is none they can help in assisting with estate settlement procedures and appointing an executor of the estate. They do things like drafting consents for financial account access, getting affidavits for the transfer of real estate, sending notifying letters to creditors and filing out tax returns.

Probate litigators

Probate litigators are more experienced in the process of defending the estate if an heir contests the will or if someone files a lawsuit against the estate of the deceased with regards to the property distribution. It is possible and common that a probate litigator can also handle the transnational role.

Hiring a lawyer

When looking for a lawyer it is a good idea to narrow it down to a handful and then closely compare what they offer, location, costs, how you feel about them and experience before you choose. While handling an estate and having had someone pass having to find a lawyer is not easy, you are grieving, you might be angry, and you might have a lot happening in your life right then. But the sooner you find one, the sooner they can help you with the process. You want someone with a personality that you appreciate and can get along with, especially at this time. You also want a probate lawyer Melbourne who has experienced since this can be a complex matter.

How to find a probate lawyer

Finding a probate lawyer is easier than you might think. You can check out legal associations and such, but a simple search online can get you a list of lawyers in the area you want them. You can also talk to people you know if anyone has been through this already, and see who they used. When you have chosen one you want to look at more closely you will need to make sure you have some basic information to give them. The name, date of death, birth date and social number of the person who has died along with life insurance policies, tax returns, death certificate, will and property deeds.