The kitchen is considered the heart of any home. This is the place where everyone gathers, where food is prepared, and memories are made.

Marble countertops stay cool regardless of the room temperature — making it perfect for baking.

When it comes to kitchen countertops Bayville or even Wall, NJ, you can’t go wrong with marble.

What are my options?

No two marble slabs are alike, making whichever one you choose unique. There are 5 main types of marble. The cheapest and most popular is Carrara, this is the typical white stone with gray veining. If you want to go for wow factor, go for Calacutta. It's more expensive, but worth it in quality.

There are several colors — white, soft gray, hues of beige and tan, light gold, dark black, brown, orange and pink.

Being as marble is a porous stone, choosing the right finish and sealant is vital — especially for marble countertops in humid areas like Wall, NJ or Bayville. The best finish to use is either polished or honed.

 A polished finish will leave your counters glossy and shiny but a good honed finish will show less scratches than a polished finish — even though it has a matte finish.

This brings us to edge treatments. There are many types of edge treatments. The most popular one is typically the square edge.

Average price

Marble slabs are one of the cheapest, high-quality stones, with quartz and granite being the pricier options. The price of marble  is typically $40-100 per square foot.

When factoring in the total price of your new kitchen countertops — the average bill is 80% cost of marble and any modifications, 15% labor cost and 5% extra supplies. Some companies will charge extra based on the finish, edge treatment, modifications, and if they remove the old counter.

If you want to save money, there are several things to do — get several quotes, buy a lower grade of marble, buy local, remove the old counters and clear the area prior to the installer’s arrival yourself, or look for overstock.

How to maintain

Marble is relatively easy to maintain. Get in a routine of wiping your marble countertops Wall NJ with a soft cloth or sponge, a gentle soap and water daily. If you get a stain, just use a soft soap or Ajax and an abrasive sponge, and rinse. You will need to reseal in a few days.

Over time, your kitchen countertops may develop scratches, dents, and imperfections. These imperfections tell of the history you have made in this space. When cared for properly, your marble countertops Wall NJ will be the star of your kitchen.

Also, when water droplets don't form into beads anymore, you will need to reseal your marble countertops to keep them protected.

Go out and plan for those marble countertops! Do a little extra research to see what types of marble slabs are near you in Bayville or Wall, NJ. You should always ask for the installer’s credentials — insurance, licenses, bonding and references from previous clients.