When the festival season comes, everyone begins to move toward their cultural attire. It is much easier for you to find a cultural attire but not for your baby girl. It is difficult to find a cultural kurti for your baby girl that is comfortable and worth your money. “Bachaa party” have most comfortable and traditional kurti for your baby girl. Stitching kurti by yourself is not as difficult as it sounds. It can be easy and enjoyable by using some tips. Here are some ways to stitch kurti for your baby girl:


There are some things that are very important to stitch a kurti for girl child. The materials that are required to stitch a kurti are fabric, zipper, thread, needle, sewing stuff, machine, scissors and measuring tape.


Firstly, you need to take your girl child's old kurti. For bodice patterns, it is important to hold the shirt in half. Then, trace around the neckline, front, sleeves and shoulder. Use a ruler to draw a line connecting the two sides. Increase the bodice piece in order to make room for the zipper and cut the template pieces.


Cut out the bodice and sleeves from the fabric. For bodice, you need to cut 2 of the front on the fold and 4 of the back. Cut two sleeves on the fold.


Now, start sewing the shoulder seams together by placing the front and back sides of the main fabric. Arrange the two bodice pieces right sides together and secure it with a neckpin. Start sewing around the neckline. Take the fabric for sleeve accents and iron them in half. Fold them inside and iron them as well. Gather the bottom of sleeves to fit the accent fabric. Start sewing the upper edge of the accent fabric and repeat the same for the second sleeve. Take remaining kurti fabric pieces and iron them. Place the lining and main fabric together and start sewing.


You can decorate your baby child kurti according to your choice. You can use fabric stones to make it look more elegant. You can do embroidery on the kurti as well. Light embroidery on the baby girls’ kurti looks really cute. It would be great if you add embellishments to the dress such as a ruffle along the hem.


Choosing the right colors for the kurti of your baby girl is very important. Comfortable fabric and pleasant colors make the kurti look more beautiful. The color combinations such as black and pink, blue and white, red and white are best for kurti design.

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