Whether you’re looking for a place to take your wedding photos, or just want somewhere beautiful to go on a date with your partner, Sheffield has plenty of options. Here are some places in the city centre that have been used as photo shoots by many couples over recent years:

The Peak District

It wouldn’t feel right not to start this article with this location. This national park is literally on the doorstep of the local residents . It really is a photographer’s dream location, especially if you want to capture something like a few woodland nymphs in the throws of newly wedded bliss (which let’s face it, who doesn’t?).

Norfolk heritage park

If you prefer a more natural setting then head over to Norfolk Heritage Park as it will have beautiful scenery which will make your post wedding photos stand out from others! This big, beautiful park is a prime destination for photographers of all kinds, so it’s no surprise to find it on this list. The park is around 28 hectares and has several woodlands with an abundance of wildlife. You can also get a gorgeous view over the city centre from there.

As well as being great for photos, they also host all kinds of events at the place throughout the year including music festivals and theatre productions.

Sheffield City Centre

The Sheffield City Centre is a great location for post wedding photos, whether you're looking for a contemporary urban look or something more traditional.

The area boasts some wonderful buildings and architecture, with many of the city's most famous landmarks within easy reach. The Winter Gardens is home to a glass ceiling that glows in the evening light, while the Town Hall and Peace Gardens are other popular spots for couples to take their photos. The city centre has a lot of modern murals as well, which makes for a great backdrop for your photos.

The city centre is a great location for post wedding photos because it's full of interesting places and things to shoot. You can find anything from Victorian buildings and cobbled streets to shops and restaurants, says Michal, a local Sheffield wedding photographer.

Sheffield Town Hall

This is one of Sheffield’s most distinctive building structures, and it certainly makes an impression. With its unique shape and designs, it makes an amazing backdrop for your wedding photos. If you want something interesting and different from your shoot, look no further. If you happen to be getting married there then ask your photographer for a quick mini shoot outside the building just after the ceremony. You will not regret it.

The Peace Gardens

The heart of Sheffield with a beautiful fountain and lots of open space. Sheffield Town Hall and Millennium Galleries are both located nearby and make for great backdrops for your photos.

Kelham Island

Kelham Island, a historical industrial part of Sheffield, has in recent years been turned into a popular food and drink spot. The quirky industrial vibe has quickly taken the wedding photography market by storm. Quirky industrial vibe! The location at Kelham Island is a perfect place for your post wedding shoot as there’s so much character here to take advantage of. The street art around Kelham Island will give you some great ideas for posing shots which are different from anything else you can capture on your big day. If you have an eye for detail and some nimble fingers, then you’re sure to love this place.

The Botanical Gardens

If you want some greenery in your photos then this is the place to go! The Botanical Gardens have beautiful gardens and fountains that will make any couple look stunning! This is a beautiful place that has greenery in abundance, making it perfect for a post wedding shoot.


There are so many great places to shoot in Sheffield, we could have added them all here. But if you’ve got your heart set on one of these locations then we hope this list has helped you! Happy shooting!