Everyone talks about Engagement in social media, but how many really know what it is or how it is achieved. Having a company profile or page on social networks with a lot of followers is a good start, although the number of fans alone does not guarantee that your social media strategy will be relatively successful.

One of the most sought after objectives in social networks is to get an action from our followers. On the one hand, this means that we are generating content that is compelling enough to provoke a reaction, and on the other hand, it means that our content has higher amplification and reaches more people.

However, it is one of the most difficult things to achieve due to the large amount of information to which we are constantly exposed, and being users of social networks, it is something that we experience every day.

Now, if you're interested in increasing your sales, increasing social media engagement won't necessarily go hand in hand with example of Therealbrittfi. But if you are looking to boost your brand awareness or strengthen your community, then these actions are, without a doubt, a direct indicator of your success.

But let's get to the concrete. Implementing these tips will help you increase the participation of your audience in your content:

  1. Prioritize the most shareable content formats, i.e. video, images, and breaking news. If you see the success that TikTok has become, you will know that the shorter and easier to understand, the better.

The Internet is very saturated with information, so every day it is more difficult to create or find content that is original to share on social networks. So, the best thing would be to give your messages or publications their own personality, so that your followers see something in them that they don't usually find in other social profiles.

If instead of opting for the simplest solution and doing the same as everyone else (sharing everything you find out there like a machine) and/or spending your time advertising or self-promoting, you care about giving a plus or personal touch to your content, all your followers will begin to see you with better eyes, significantly increasing their participation. Or do you believe that this, what I am telling you here in this post, has never been said before by anyone.

The question is not only to think about what I am going to share, but also how I could make it more attractive and original (give your message a personal touch)…

Infographics or virtual representations of data can also spread quickly since they explain something difficult in an easy way, and without the need to read too much.

  1. Get the most out of the text, and to do so: Implement a strategy of accompanying hashtags – it is proven that publications that include hashtags have more reach – highlight a call to action, that is, phrases to invite your audience to do something (“Share it”), and finally, don't waste a single word. You can see a lot of celebrities using different of hash tags, as you can see here example of Lavaxgrll.
  2. Make sure that each and every one of your posts is compatible with mobile devices. It is true that social networks do most of the work adapting the content for mobile phones, but in any case you should consider, first, that the measurements of each graph are adapted to each platform, second, add subtitles for those who watch the videos without sound , and third, to ensure that these are legible.
  3. Entertain, inform, amuse or educate, but do something- If people perceive you as a +/- social entity but somewhat boring, they won't bother interacting with you or your company too much. Your followers already have a bunch of boring friends who are vying for some of their attention online, so try to be as least monotonous as possible, or rather as interesting (or informative, educational, entertaining, funny, etc.) that you can.

Finally, it is important that you know that much of what is shared on social networks seeks to have good conversations. This is how brands have managed to build a stronger sense of community with their audiences, and in turn, reflect that in higher engagement. There are no shortcuts to this, and it will take time to get to know your community and what works best for them, but with patience and observation, we know you can.