At the end of the XVII century. an element of architecture, later called the French window, became widespread. A full-width opening in the wall with small-section doors and an arched top maximized the influx of sunlight. Today, floor-to-ceiling windows are installed not only in shopping centers, restaurants and hotels, the design appealed to homeowners in new buildings and country cottages. A characteristic feature of French windows is the height from ceiling to floor. The width is not of fundamental importance, both narrow and wide designs look impressive. In ordinary apartments, this option is appropriate when making an exit to a balcony or loggia, in a summer cottage - in a gazebo or on a veranda.

What is a French window and what options do we offer? Check out the interesting architectural solutions implemented in the TV project "Housing Problem" with our participation, and choose what you like. We will offer several configuration options, calculate the cost, manufacture and install.

Do you like a lot of light, but do not plan to spend time coordinating documents with the relevant authorities? 

Quarter Glazed Doors- ideal for those who are not afraid of non-standard solutions . Wide sashes do not require additional space for opening, move smoothly and silently.


Do you need permission to install French windows?

French windows or glazed doors are called the entire width of the opening and the height from floor to ceiling. Installing structures allows you to turn a dark, boring room into a space filled with light and joy. However, systems of this type are not just a translucent part of the wall, but rather a complex architectural element, so the design and installation should be taken seriously, using the services of professionals.

To expand the opening between the balcony and the room or kitchen in urban high-rise buildings, it is necessary to dismantle the window sill. Do not rush to break - approval is required. Before deciding to install French windows, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the procedure for obtaining permission, but as they say, who does not risk does not drink champagne! The package of documents is approximately the same as for the approval of any other redevelopment.

An order for the manufacture and installation of French windows is quite expensive, but the result is worth it! The price depends on the dimensions, the selected profile system, the quality and quantity of cameras in a double-glazed window, and the brand of fittings.

Do you want to become the owner of a French balcony that will decorate your apartment? The specialists of our company will select a modification taking into account all your requirements, corresponding to the optimal balance of price and quality