Lounge cleaning in Sydney can be expensive if you don’t have the right company to do it, so make sure you get it right the first time by finding an experienced and reputable company that can provide you with all of your cleaning needs. We work hard at Green Cleaning Services because we understand just how important our services are to our clients and we won’t rest until we’ve left each and every customer satisfied with their home or office cleaning services. Call today to learn more about our lounge cleaning services!

How to avoid stiffness

If you find that your lounge has become stiff and difficult to move, it may be time to pay a professional to help restore the life and flexibility of your chair. Best Lounge cleaning Sydney have extensive knowledge of all furniture types, so they can come in and determine if the job can be completed on-site.

It’s always best to avoid leaving furniture dirty for too long as this can lead to stains building up that are impossible for an average householder to remove. For example, icky stuff like chewing gum might start sticking around if left there for too long without proper wiping. If your armchair or sofa is becoming too uncomfortable, then feel free to get in touch with Best Lounge cleaning Sydney. They’re experts at taking away stiffness from upholstery!

How to remove stiffness from a lounge

The stiffness in your sofa or armchair can be a result of dust and dirt, as well as animal hair that has accumulated over time. Here are a few tips on how to remove the stiffness from your sofa:

  • Vacuum the inside and outside of the couch to get rid of any loose dust and debris.
  • Spray your couch with water using a garden hose, then use an upholstery brush to scrub it down. Let dry for at least 24 hours.
  • If you have pets in the house, vacuum their fur directly off the furniture instead of spraying it with water; this will avoid any pet hair clumping onto furniture once it's wet.

How to re-fluff and soften an old lounge

If your lounger is getting a little worn out, it's time to take it to the dry cleaners. The good news is that there are many ways you can re-fluff and soften your old lounger at home.

  • Put some fabric softener on a towel and start rubbing the chair's fabric. You can also put the towel inside the chair, but be sure not to leave it in too long or the sides of the upholstery will get wet.
  • Rubbing alcohol mixed with water will also help restore lost nap and add back some new life into your furniture. Just pour one part rubbing alcohol into two parts water and then use a sponge or cloth to gently rub over the cushiony fabric surfaces.

Stiffness in your lounge can be caused by the wrong fabric

The stiffness in your lounge can be caused by the wrong fabric. When a fabric is too heavy and dense, it will not offer enough give to create a supple surface. This stiffness can also be caused by a fabric that has been treated with chemicals or has been heavily processed. If you have an upholstery style that requires you to use batting, make sure it's made of cotton batting, which will mold and take shape to your body as you sit on it.


Leather upholstery can be tricky to clean, especially if you don't know how. The right products and a little time are needed to properly care for your furniture and make it look good as new. Although regular leather cleaners do the trick, they can be drying and sometimes even damage the fabric over time. Therefore we recommend looking into Couch Master providers to take on this important task for you so that you don't need to stress yourself out. Count on it being worth every money, we assure you!